An introduction to my new blog.



I have thought about making a website and starting a flute blog for many years. The domain is ready, the website is made ... And then what? Haha, well I guess it's just to wait for the right words to come all by themselves, coffee in one hand, cellphone in the other? Or maybe that's not how it works? Let's start by telling you about why I´m starting this blog.

I've studied classical flute for many years. Actually, I've periodically walked the practice room halls in different music education institutions in Norway and abroad for almost ten years put together. The flute is and has always been the love of my life. Anything but trying to achieve my whole potential as a flautist and a musician has always been out of the question; I'm always starving for new knowledge and experiences, still take lessons when I can and absorb what I can get. I also have well developed communication skills and I thrive as much when I teach as when I play. I believe myself to be a good teacher and my students always got good results. 

In 2014 I started a flute account on Instagram where I share photos and videos and blog briefly about my life and work as a musician. My account grew popular rather quickly. I got enormous amounts of views (the record is 720.000 on a video!!) and thousands of flute and music lovers from all over the world follow me there. Instagram is an incredible social platform and I've gotten a huge network of fabulous musicians, orchestra players and even world famous flute soloists and professors in there. Several of them which I can call good friends today. Insta has done a lot for me.

As I'm going for a rather approachable style on Instagram, I'm often contacted by colleagues, students and amateurs from everywhere who ask for tips and help. It can be to solve a technical problem, to ask how to best teach vibrato to a good student, what repertoire best fits an 11-year-old or something else. And I always reply to every inquiry and generously share of my knowledge as a flautist and a teacher.

Especially two people who've contacted me via my social media in the past left a mark and I remember them very well. One was an amateur saxophonist who wanted a lesson so I could introduce him to the flute. He almost didn't know what was up or down, had no idea on how to old a flute, how to make a good sound or anything else. The only thing he had was the most important of it all: Interest, will and drive (they will take you far!). The other one was a 16-year-old typical "first chair in the band" girl who's in regional band, attends summer courses. Very interested in learning and had a lot of potential. The problem was that she came from a rural place where there were no one better than her; hence no one to push her into the direction of further development. And that's why she came to me: to get a checkup and guidance on how to continue working on her own.

People from small places often have limited resources. And with resources I mean competent teachers and opportunities that are available in e.g. big cities. Some places the saxophone guy who barely knows what's up and what's down on a flute or the 16-year-old first chair girl is the local flute teacher. And this is where my blog becomes relevant. The thought is that no matter who you are, where you live and on what level you are playing, you can come here to read, find inspiration and improve your practice skills and knowledge about the flute. 

This is a safe flute space where you can learn together with me. I welcome the whole rainbow of genders, sexualities, religions, origins etc.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or topics you'd like me to write about.

Welcome to my digital flute studio!

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Love, Eirik