In the occasion of March being the International Women's Month I would love to use my rather big platform on the Internet for an important cause. I suggested to my friend, the Belgian performer, teacher and composer Ansje De Groef, that we seize the opportunity and arrange a fun activity for the readers of my blog ... Something which will not only ✨spark✨ some practice motivation during times when many are in lack of such, but also raise awareness of the works of women. WIN WIN!

My Faber-Castell attempt to recreate the iconic #itwasneveradress
My Faber-Castell attempt to recreate the iconic #itwasneveradress

The activity we've landed on is a little informal competition which we've called the 


The competition rules are as follows:

We've chosen two etudes from the collection Colorful Flute Etudes,

which you get to download 100% free of cost. They're very different in style, so there's something to choose between depending on what you're into. 

Most important thing is that these are FUN to play and beauuuutiful little pieces of music! 💞

Record yourself playing minimum 60 seconds from one of these two Colorful Flute Etudes and post your contribution in the comment section under where you found the link on Facebook. 

OR: Set your Instagram account to public and post the video on your feed. Use the hashtag #COLORFULFLUTECOMPETITION

Tag us (@ansjeflute & @eirikflute) so we can find your contribution easily.

Use the buttons to access PDFs of the chosen études:

We welcome all ages, genders and levels to participate! The emphasis is on COLORFUL in this competition, so the winners will be the ones who made us smile extra much via creativity and fun. 

(It's 2021, you know, we can all need some smiles! 🌞😊)

The two winners, one from FB and one from IG, will be announced here on my blog Wednesday March 31st.


PRIZE: A COPY OF ONE OF ANSJE DE GROEF'S BOOKS (Winners choose which book!) 🏆

We're also inviting everyone to use the comment section under my post in Flute Forum (group Facebook) and on the competition announcement on my Instagram to make a list with the names of women who have composed for flute. 

All the names you help us collect will be listed at the end of this article. 


About the composer:

Ansje De Groef
Ansje De Groef

Ansje De Groef is a Belgian flautist with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She completed her masters degree in Music Performance and Music Education in the Brussels Conservatory. She's written her own flute method books for children aged 5 to 99: The first book, "Krullebol" was written in Dutch but the rest of her works are written in English. Ansje's beautiful philosophy is to write what she thinks her flute students would like to play and practice. 

Next to teaching the flute, Ansje also started playing the double bass to compensate for all the high flute notes. In non-covid times she is playing both double bass and flute in the bands Zsa Zsa Zsu and Pine Trio

When there's time left, Ansje loves to run because life is short and running makes it seem longer. 🤪

List of women composers who have written for flute:

Cecile Chaminade

Ansje De Groef


We hope you'll have a lot of fun with the COLORFUL FLUTE ETUDES!

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Ansje and Eirik